Terms & Conditions


1. The cost of the trip needs to be paid in full before the travelling dates.

2. Cancellation within 6 weeks of due arrival will incur in a fee equal to the full amount of the trip.

3. If we agreed on the payment of a deposit, this is non refundable, it is equal to 50% of the total cost and is due at booking time with a minimum of €250. Subsequent payments are made at at an agreed time. Failure to make these payments up to completion of total due, will incur in a surcharge of 5% of the due per delayed week, for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks of delayed payment, the booking will be considered cancelled.

4. If the customer fails to arrive at scheduled time and fails to make contact with AB Discover India within the first 24 hours of due arrival, AB Discover India will consider the contract terminated and the deposit / fee will be kept in compensation.

5. If the customer decides for himself/herself to interrupt, change or cancel the trip during the course of the retreat, AB DiscoverIndia will not be responsible for the arrangements which deviates from the original itinerary, for the onward travelling of the customer and for compensating the cancellation of the trip or extra costs incurred by the customer due to his/her own decisions.

6. If alternative arrangements or changes are made to the original itinerary, in agreement with AB DiscoverIndia, before or during the stay, the extra charges need to be paid prior to the changes taking place.

7. The currency of the retreats is Euro, the online payment is made through PayPal by following the booking procedures (there is and administration fee that will be added at payment time). Alternative methods of payment can be arranged – please Contact Us directly

8. Entrance tickets to public and private sites, tips [gratuity] and what is not specifically indicated – is not included in the cost.

9. The use of illegal substances and the over consumption of alcohol during the travel is not accepted and will terminate the contract with AB Discover India immediately.

10. Disruptive, irrational and dangerous behavior is not accepted and will terminate the contract with AB Discover India immediately.

11. We encourage digital detoxing – we would like our customer to interact as much as possible and to leave the use of their mobile phones limited, especially during group activities, meals, etc.

12. AB Discover India is not responsible for any lost or stolen properties and any other incidents which may occur during the customer’s travel and stay in India and Italy. AB Discover India advises their customers to take on a personal travel and health insurance to cover such occurrences.

13. If in agreement with the customer, AB Discoverindia books flights on the customer’s behalf, either international or national, AB Discoverindia is not responsible for any delays, cancellations, or any other problem related to the flights – the contract for the flight product will be between the customer and the airline.

14. AB Discover India is not responsible for the customer’s inadequate or insufficient documents etc necessary to travel – AB Discover India advises their customers to consult with the Indian Embassy in their own Country and with their doctor and/or the equivalent of the Tropical Medical Bureau for the trips to India; for trips to Italy, please consult your Country Foreign Affairs Department indications

15. If we agreed on the delayed payment and accepted a deposit, the remaining will be due at arrival in India. Failure to do so within the first 24 hours of arrival will result in the immediate termination of the contract with AB Discover India and the deposit paid will be kept by AB Discover India as compensation.

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